Youth Package

Our youth longbow comes in two lengths. Our 48” bow draws a maximum of 24”. Our 56” bow draws a maximum of about 28”. Draw weights are available from 8 pounds to 25 pounds.
The youth longbow has black or brown glass on the limbs with our Maple cores. The riser will be built from in stock material. The youth longbow will have matching limb tips and riser.
We package our youth longbows to contain everything a child would need to begin traditional archery. The package includes the bow, bow sleeve, 6 arrows, a quiver and arm guard. The “No-glove” on the string eliminates the need for a glove or tab and is easy for a child to shoot with.
This bow is suitable for all ages of children who draw less than about 28”. Our youth longbows fill the gap for children who want to learn archery and are too young to pull an adult bow.
The affordability of our youth packages allows families to explore traditional archery without the larger investment of purchasing an adult bow.  Our Youth Longbow Packages are $200.