Our longbows are easy to draw and shoot.  At the recommended brace height of 6.5” to 8” there is no hand shock.  Our longbows are crafted with parallel laminations in the limbs and a radius stripe in the riser.  We offer two styles; D shaped and a Hybrid shaped bow.  

The handle can be custom built with a straight grip or a slight dished grip.  The traditional longbow grip is wrapped with leather and stitched.  The sight window is cut to center.

 Matching limb tips are reinforced with glass or Micarta for strength.  Our longbows come with a B50 Dacron string, a stringer and a bow sock. 

We offer a basic model with Walnut veneers under clear glass in the limbs and a Walnut and Maple riser for $475. 

Our exotic model comes with exotic veneers under clear glass in the limbs and exotic woods in the riser for $575. 

The D shaped Longbow exhibits a slight recurve in the limbs when the bow is unstrung.  Along with a deflexed riser the D shaped bow has the traditional crescent shape when strung.

The Hybrid shaped Longbow is highly reflexed in the limbs with a deflexed riser.  When strung the Hybrid bow shows a slight recurve along the length of the limbs from the fadeout to the tip. 

Both models come in lengths from 58” to 64” length and draw weights from 30 to 65 pounds.