Custom Bows and Arrows

Custom Bows and Arrows

Our bows are individually handcrafted with local maple and domestic hardwoods as well as many exotic hardwoods to produce a functional, aesthetically pleasing work of art that can be used for hunting, target shooting or just having fun. 

Our arrows are custom made using Port Orford cedar or Spruce shafts that are hand straightened and full length dipped in urethane and finished with turkey feathers and glue on points.  The Spruce shafts are a little bit lighter in physical weight than the Cedar shafts.  We sell our arrows by the dozen. 

We sell a youth bow kit with a handmade youth longbow, quiver with a half dozen wood arrows, an arm guard and a “no-glove” installed on the string. 

What Types of Wood Can I Get?

Domestic hardwoods include: Maple, Ash and Hickory. 

Exotic hardwoods include: Walnut, Canarywood, Bocote, Coco-bolo, Osage Orange, Zebrawood, Tulipwood, Purple heart and Padauk are usually in stock. 

How long does the process take?

Please allow

12 weeks for custom crafted bows.

3 weeks for custom arrows

In-stock bows and arrows are ready to ship.

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