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Welcome to Kirkwood Traditional Archery.  We build custom traditional bows and cedar arrows in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada. 

Our company handcrafts custom longbows and youth longbows that are beautiful to look at and easy to shoot. Our bows are made with walnut and local maple as well as many exotic woods.  Our custom ground cores and veneers allow us to be very selective in the quality of the laminations we use in our products.  Our bows are functional, aesthetically pleasing works of art that can be used for hunting, target shooting or just having fun.  We ensure our bows remain affordable to provide the traditional experience to everyone. 

About Us

Scott and Nancy Leindecker are the owners of Kirkwood Traditional Archery.

Scott started building traditional bows in 1996 after being introduced to traditional archery by his friend Konrad.  Scott immediately fell in love with the beauty and practicality of the traditional bow and built his first bow from a takedown recurve kit.   Wanting to share the archery experience with his whole family, Scott built bows for his boys and his wife Nancy.  His passion to build traditional bows began.

Since then Scott and Nancy have turned their love of archery into a business and have continued to develop their methods and refine designs.  In keeping with simple reliable components that are custom produced in house; they continue to offer very desirable, affordable traditional bows and arrows.

The demand for their bows has increased over the years.  That demand is a reflection of the quality and the affordability of their products. 

Please give our bows a try, you won’t be disappointed.